FNaF Freddy FazbearBonnieChicaFoxyGolden Freddy
FNaF2 Old FreddyOld BonnieOld ChicaOld FoxyOld Golden FreddyToy FreddyToy BonnieToy ChicaMangleBalloon BoyThe Puppet
FNaF 3 SpringtrapPhantom Balloon BoyPhantom ChicaPhantom FoxyPhantom FreddyPhantom PuppetPhantom Mangle
FNaF4 Nightmare FreddyNightmare BonnieNightmare ChicaNightmare FoxyNightmare FredbearPlushtrapNightmareNightmare Balloon Boy
FNaF4 Halloween Edition Nightmare Jack-O-BonnieNightmare Jack-O-ChicaNightmare MangleNightmarionne
Sister Location Funtime FreddyFuntime FoxyBabyBalloraBidybabEnnardMinireena


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